Your Japan in Germany

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Getting Started

Get along with Japanese. You may live with many Japanese articles in your daily life. Or maybe, you have just started learning Japanese.

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Japanese Manpower

Are you looking for a Japanese Manpower? Then why don't you try for recruiting the best expert? We offer a flexible plattform.

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Japan & Düsseldorf

Do you happen to be in Düsseldorf? You guys are lucky. Enjoy a little Tokyo, particularly gastronomie, and bring a small Japan to your home.

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Get Social

Just a small interest to Japan by chance, or got concerned deeply in Japan, there should be a place where you enjoy being with Japan.

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Art & Culture

Every region on the world has his own art and culture. What is particular in Japanese? Power of the crafsmanship which inspires the Westerner.

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Here we are

Japanese Language & Advertisements in Print- and Online-Media. Japan Consultancy for private people and small and medium sized enterprises.

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